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I’m creating WordPress and plugins for my clients, company and selling on to the ThemeForest and CodeCanyon marketplace.  WordPress development is fun even you have basic knowledge of PHP. But, for the professional project, you need to handle your project with a better way for performance, compatibility, and security.

Here is the few list of plugins and regularly updated for WordPress themes and Plugins Development.

1. Developer by Automattic

This plugin is nothing itself, But you can have most popular plugins list for WordPress development to install.  Automattic develops this plugin for and themes developer.

2. Query Monitor by John Blackbourn

This plugin is like all in one solution. You can monitor your databases query, action, hooks, filters, enqueued scripts and styles and more. This plugin is must have for every Theme and Plugin developers. You can read more about on

3. Debug Bar by

This plugin is similar to Query Monitor, Not full featured. You can monitor all debug information. Also, there a more plugin like Debug Bar Console to add PHP and MySQL console to the bar and Debug-Bar-Extender to add few more features.

4. Log Deprecated Notices by Andrew Nacin

This plugin will collect all deprecated notices from  WordPress functions and function arguments. This plugin is very helpful when you create your themes or plugins for long-term support.

5. Theme Check by Otto42, pross

Creating the theme for, or marketplace? This plugin will help to cover which things are the need and what you have to fix for your theme. This plugin is giving a great guideline to develop themes for WordPress.

6. Monster Widget by Automattic

If you are theme developer, you must have this plugin for testing every widget compatible with your theme. This plugin has a widget called “Monster” which has almost all things need to check for your theme.

7.Simply Show IDs by Matt Martz

This little plugin will help you to find any post ID in UI column. Not to inspect or open editor to view the post ID. This plugin support custom post type to display ID.

8. RTL Tester by Yoav Farhi and Automattic

With this plugin, you can check your theme is working or not with Right To Left Text (Ex: Arabic). This plugin is simple to switch the mode to RTL.

9. Theme Test Drive by Vladimir Prelovac

This plugin is for the production server. This plugin allows you to change the theme for administrator only safely. But, Visitor will see default theme set as before.

10. Regenerate Thumbnails by Alex Mills (Viper007Bond)

After switch theme or adding new thumbnail size previous media will not resize automatically. With this plugin, You can Regenerate all upload images with newly defined size in the single click.

11. Duplicate Post by Enrico Battocchi

Creating the same post, again and again, its sucks. With this plugin, you can clone your previously added content by one click. Also, This plugin is useful for non-developers who have the same content with little changes.

12. WordPress Reset by Matt Martz

Need quick fresh install of your current WordPress site? This plugin help to reset back to default as WordPress installed. But, This plugin doesn’t modify any files but only the database.

So, Now you have a list to use plugins for your WordPress Development.  In above list, all plugins are not required to you. Some plugins are necessarily based on your development.

If you found this list is useful, Please share with your friends. I’ll update this post regularly if I found the new plugin for development. If you have a plugin to list in this article, you can send me your URL by comment or use the contact form.

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